We Must Stop The Bully Essay

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I suppose parts of these advices are helpful and others aren 't or could make the situation even worse. You can stand up to the bully, if there are only one or two or not a lot of them. If you are alone and a lot of others bully you, I think it 's better to walk away from them. Then you can ignore their words, but that 's difficult, when these insulting words really hurt your feelings. Sometimes you want to defend yourself, but then it 's better to suppress your anger and sadness. Otherwise, if you ignore and don 't give your time and attention to them, they stop on their own, because it 's boring for the bully. If you show them or act as if you don 't care and don 't get hurt, they will stop bullying you, because you may become invisible to them. On the one hand that 's a beneficial thing, but on the other it will be difficult for you to find new friends, if you aren 't noticed.

I remember we had a boy in our class who was very self-confident, rebellious, ruthless and thought he was the best at everything. He always said, what he thought, without thinking about the consequences. Almost everybody in our class got insulted by him, sometimes even his friends. A friend of mine was often insulted by him. Every time we supported her and countered back, but he didn 't stop. All of my classmates and almost every teacher was annoyed by him. He and his parents held a lot of conversations with the principal. After some time it got better due to people putting him in his place, and…

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