Essay on We Live A World Of Relentless Change

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We live in a world of relentless change. This Earth we call our home has slowing been maturing since science can prove so. It has molded itself through many tedious reproductions to give it life to live on. Our home is approximately 4.54 billion years old (Sarfati 8); however, with the lifestyle that the human race has allowed itself to live, we have left unmistakable damage to the planet. We are now approaching an era that can possibly be a very difficult one. Earth has conducted a diverse amount of life with a variety of environments, animal and plant species, and water sources that are all plumish in rates. One can notice that this planet has provided us with a wide variety of resources, yet as this planet ages it seems we are seeing less and less of those resources. Ever since humankind has been expanding, we seem to face more and more tragedy when it comes to living a healthy life. Therefore, the issue we seek is that the world’s population is reaching it’s carrying capacity, if it already hasn’t with a total population of 7.2 billion individuals and counting (census gov.). So, I think that it is a duty of ours and to the planet to restrict our massive population.
Many may disagree with this suggestion. Recently, I have conducted a survey asking fellow adults on whether we should take action in decreasing our population, and a few answers I received back were in disagreement. Some had the response of saying that everything is in the hands of God, even when it comes to…

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