We Eat, Sleep, And Breathe The Game Of Football Essay

2501 Words Nov 29th, 2016 11 Pages
In America we eat, sleep, and breathe the game of football. Embedded in our minds at a young age most kids begin playing football competitively, for fun, or simply just watching the game as early as 4 years old. Football is a game that brings people and families closer in America and puts smiles on their faces. For example every thanksgiving there is a NFL football game played every single year. Where tons of families across the country gather around eat great food and watch grown men’s bodies get pummeled and abused for 60 minutes. Why do we love this game you ask? Americans are intrigued week in and week out by the violent impacts and danger the game provides and will pay to watch a contest at any level including High school, Collegiate, and pros. Most Americans however don’t truly understand how dangerous the game truly is. To the average Joe football is just a bunch of guys who are well protected and chase each other back and forth across a field.
However to a collegiate or professional football player it’s an entirely different story. These are modern day gladiators whose bodies and minds are sculpted for one task, which is to completely dominate their opponent with brute force. These athletes are subjecting their brains every time they step onto a field to a force and collision every snap of the ball. One wrong hit and you could be paralyzed or have extensive brain damage. Numerous wrong hits to the right parts of your skull can leave permanent brain trauma that will…

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