We Can Do It? Essay

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We Can Do It?
During the years of World War II, Rosie the Riveter proudly stated to all of the American females that “We Can Do It.” Rosie was referring to jobs that, since the men were off to war, women had to do to keep the country going. Eventually, the men came back from war and it was like starting from scratch. The ideals of “a woman 's place” came back into play and ever since, women have been working hard to do It, whatever that means for them. Looking at how far the world has come in the many years since Rosie’s words of encouragement can really be stunning. The civil rights movement, second wave feminism, and the case of Roe vs. Wade were some extremely influential times in helping woman from all aspects of life get closer and closer to the goal of equality. Yet, in regards to chasing dreams, what’s holding women back? Women in America have a choice to be whatever they want to be, so why, according to the 2014 Gender Gap study, do they still get paid about 79% of what a man makes? Exploring females’ opportunities and mindsets can show a lot about what girls are taught and how they perceive their ability to achieve the American Dream.
Although the Rosie the Riveter campaign was over 60 years ago, women today are still trying to break the roles that are implemented at an early age. Girls are typically taught that they need to fit a numerous amount of molds so as not to be unladylike, unprofessional, or uncouth. In an experiment done by ABC News, they gave lemonade…

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