We Can Create Relationships And Search For Peace Essay

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It is human nature, I suppose, this natural desire to fit in. We create relationships and search for accord in a likeminded crowd. With few exceptions, humans instinctually long to belong. We have all experienced this longing - those situations where we wish for even the slightest nod or hint of attention from another person, a bit of acknowledgement for accomplished work. Recall the variety of thoughts that emerge in particular social situations or at a workplace: e.g., “first day of school, will I have any friends”, “wow she is gorgeous, I hope to talk to her”, and “will my boss notice my job well done and finally give me that raise?” Whether we encounter a “hello” from a passerby or wish to start a family with a loved one, we all yearn to satisfy this fundamental need to fit in, to belong. Now imagine how a person might feel if they rarely receive that acknowledgement, attention, or nod. One might feel shunned, disregarded, and unwanted. For many police officers, these emotions often occur as a consequence of their work if they choose to do the right thing; that is, if they report a corrupt fellow cop.
Some police officers take part in an unofficial code of silence as a strategy to avoid rejection and reproach from fellow cops. As highlighted in Police Attitudes Toward Abuse of Authority, many police officers do not believe in protecting corrupt cops; however, despite their beliefs, they consciously choose to not report corrupt cops due to the fear of becoming an outcast…

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