Essay On Police Misconduct

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Chandra Gautam
English 15 prof. Jaap
Police Misconduct towards African-Americans
In recent years, police brutality has emerged as a nationwide problem. The acts of police misconduct are worse with the African-American community. Due to police misconducts many court cases have sprung up due to this problem. The courthouses are incessantly thronged with cases of police brutality. Some of these cases never get the deserved justice. In a survey, only 30% of police brutality cases are reported. According to the law, the police are allowed to use legitimate force when necessary in their police activities. However, the use of excessive force is an act of misconduct and unlawful. In the recent rise in cases of brutality, it comes out that
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According to Mathern, (2012) civilians often feel left out in policing activities. This alienation leads to frustration with the law enforcers and incessant clashes and cold wars that erupt into misconduct like police brutality. In this bid to include community in law enforcement, an independent community oversight committee should be set up to help identify and address appropriately all cases of police misconduct. This committee must be independent and consist of democratically elected members who must have no affiliations with the police force. This committee can work with the judicial system to ensure that all cases of brutality especially those with racial inclinations are dealt with in a just manner. This will ensure that prosecution of problem officers involved in police misconduct is conducted fairly and that these are not conducted by ‘friends of the …show more content…
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