Ways to Manage Creativity and Innovation Essay

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Ways to manage creativity and innovation.

The author cites in the text different ways to manage and increase creativity and innovation, empazhizing that organizacional structure and doping with structural strain along with some toher management tools help bring effectiveness and competitive advantage to organizations.

We will show in the following lines other ways to manage and increse creativity and innovation of an organizaron resides the methods proponed by the author

These past 20 years many models of creativity encourage business models have been formulated and succeed, but in the 21st century these methods have become obsolete. Today’s organisations and firms’ have to deal with changeable environment and the need to respond
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Esther Baldwin[2] believes that innovation isn;t creativity, but a discipline that can and have to be managed. Baldwin focuses on introducing new ways for companies to use information technology more smartly in filtering, capturing, and analyzing innovation ideas. She argues that innovation can be comprehensively managed as an “organization-wide-discipline, and that compnies that who succeed at it will find unexpected opportunities for growth”.

Traditionally, people think innovation is just about creativity, about being able to create ideas. In fact, it’s a very disciplined area. Companies really can manage innovation in the ways that they manage quality. Having the opportunity to use IT innovation to manage overall innovation is a pure discipline, as the management of the process from cradle to grave.

Using just innovation you go from observing a need to coming up with an idea, developing prototypes, and proving the theories to have directly the design and go directly to the development, manufacturing and marketing.

IT innovation, on the other hand, allows you to take advantage of leaps in technology. It allows you to use tools to become more productive, to work faster, cheaper, smarter. It gives you more information and creates wisdom so that you can make better decisions. Thinking about the technologies of the future can spark thinking

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