Watson's Caring Theory Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… In taking ideas such as “mindbodyspirit” (Falk-Rafael, 2011, p.8) to the community, it is easy to see how “body” of a community may refer to physical attributes of the environment, the services it offers, and the demographics of a community. “Mind” could refer to a community’s cultural norms and laws. Community “spirit” may be seen in the community’s value systems. A community example might be an outbreak of disease is less likely to occur when a community is in harmony, that is, when services such as immunization are in place to prevent anticipated disease (Falk-Rafael, 2011). If an outbreak did occur in the community, Watson would want nurses to help people reach some harmony (mindbodyspirit) in their lives again by establishing a caring relationship that will, as Watson states, “protect, enhance, and preserve patient’s dignity” (Falk-Rafael, 2011, p. 16). According to Watson’s Caring Theory nurses need to consider each patient within the community and therefore data collection would include inquiries about each person’s family, friends and resources within the community. As a nurse incorporating Watson’s theory, I am concerned on how each individual relates with his environment (Falk-Rafael, …show more content…
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