Water, Water And Culture Essay

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Throughout all of history water and culture have been incredibly interlinked. Since the beginning of settled life, humans have almost always recognized that settling by a body of clean usable water is necessary. Over time this need began to give birth to a deep respect for rivers, lakes and streams. Because water is such a critical element of life it was worshipped and appreciated for thousands of years by almost all cultures of the past. It has been a source of power and inspiration for thousands of years. The influence of this inspiration, worship and respect of water can be seen in art, language, religion, and, in many cases, the core values of entire cultures. But there has always been and will always be a delicate balance between the way humans use water and the way a society functions. (Kley & Reijerkerk) (Klaver, “Placing Water and Culture”, 2012)
In modern times it is evident that there has been a shift from appreciation and deep respect to a desire to control the power which water possesses. The building of dams and the straightening of naturally meandering rivers is evidence of the human need to control and harness rather than be influenced by the nature that surrounds us. This need to control has caused problems around the world- causing pieces of the bridge between water and the cultures that so heavily rely on it to chip away. The building of dams and the changing of rivers affects thousands of people who rely on the river for their livelihood. For example,…

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