Water Pollution And Water Shortages Essay

1334 Words Nov 10th, 2015 6 Pages
Water pollution and water shortages are a big problem in Jamaica. There is plenty of rainfall in Jamaica to where there should not be any water shortages. The problem is that Jamaica lacks a water policy and there are few wastewater treatment plants for the reuse of water. No proper management of industries means that they will dump their waste into waterways at their own free will. Due to this, people are not going to access to enough safe and clean water.
The causes of water pollution are surprisingly plentiful. The absolute main cause of water pollution is the lack of enforcement. There are little to no laws restricting industries on what they can and cannot dump into the waterways. One law that is in place, states that the industries, in some parts of Jamaica, must clean their water waste before dumping it into the waterways. Most of the industries are not following this law because it is not being enforced and it would cost them too much money to do this. There are so many pollutants in the waters of Jamaica, it’s not even healthy to swim in the water. Beaches have been abandoned and not used, and litter and trash are all over.
There are many problems that come with the water shortages and also the pollution that is occurring in Jamaica. A main problem is that there is a lack of clean water. Clean water is very important to have in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and perform daily deeds. Just as it is said, “PILES of dishes left undone, toilets needing to be…

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