Water Is A Resource That Humanity Need For Domestic And Industrial Use

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1. Introductiom
Water is a resource that humanity need for both domestic and industrial use and is utilized in a huge amount. Thus, there is a pressure on water. The increase of population and the industrial development of the majority of countries aggravate the problem. The excessive consumption of water coupled with the scarcity of this resource make the issue even more critical. According to Lefort, water covers around 70 percent of the Earth, freshwater makes up only 3 percent of it, moreover, almost all of that is unattainable to use. Lefort, R. (1996). Generally, only about 0.01 percent of the world’s total water supply is considered available for human use. What is more frustrating is that only few sources of fresh water can be relied on in the long term. (Gleick, 2000). As a consequence, approximately 1.1 billion people around the globe are limited to fresh water, leading not only to thrust, but also to the spread of several diseases, such as cholera and typhoid fever.(WWF) Therefore, this report considers an urgent problem of the modern society, suggesting two options for providing fresh water: desalination and the harvest of ground water

2. Background

As a background to the report the world’s arid areas will be introduced. It is also important to define the term “arid area”. An area is considered arid when it is described as lacking of available water, to the extent of inhibiting the elaboration of plant and animal life.

Most arid regions encircle the…

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