Water Contamination Is A Topic Covered Throughout The Semester

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Water contamination was a topic covered throughout the semester in CEE 320. In recent times, the city of Flint, Michigan has faced problems with contaminants in the local water supply. The city of Flint decided to cut ties from Detroit, the former supplier of its fresh water, after it was announced that Detroit was raising their prices (Habicht and Kilty, 2016). Flint created a plan to use water from Lake Huron as its main source of water: however, this plan could not be implemented for another year and a half due to construction. The temporary solution was to take water directly from the Flint River to distribute throughout the city while the lake plan got underway (Sanburn, Gregory, and Sifferlin, 2016). The water from the Flint River was highly corrosive to the lead piping due to a high level of chloride, causing an alarming rise in the lead concentration in the water (Torris, 2016). Health concerns throughout the city quickly arose, and a noticeable decrease in the water quality was evident through strange colors and odors. Reports of strange rashes and severe hair loss were widely reported. City officials neglected to admit a problem with the water supply and turned down the idea of switching back to Detroit’s water distribution. A study from Virginia Tech came out indicating lead levels in children had nearly tripled over the course of the previous year. Other contaminants, such as E. coli, were found to be in the water, and finally, a water boil advisory was put in…

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