Parking Lot Research Paper

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Dangers of Wal-Mart Parking lot Nothing is more dangerous than a Wal-Mart parking lot. There are plenty of things and ideas that take place, but, can often be dangerous. From marking my observation I see the lighting in the parking lot at night is much darker than need be. There are no speed bumps and wreck less drivers. Shopping carts are everywhere and people just run amuck. Most parking lots are dangerous, but the more business the more people. Most people think you need to be a certain neighborhood, but you do not. Dangers are everywhere and around every corner, it is good to be alert and watching.
A dark parking lot is a danger in itself. There is poor lighting and strange people walking around. Being mugged is one of the things I observed
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So many chopping carts I saw going different ways; into cars scratching cars. If you have a new car you should probably walk to Wal-Mart or catch a bus. I came up with a ratio it is a 2 out of 4 chance your car will be scratched because of shopping carts. So you have a 50 percent chance of having a shopping cart damage your car. A seen a little boy pushing a cart, he looks about 8 and did not listen to his mother. The young Caucasian boy was yelling at his mother as she was yelling at him. She was trying to take the basket from him, but he would hit her hand every time she reached for the cart. The young boy continued to push the cart this time he was running with the basket. When he ran by his mother, she popped him on the behind and he let go of the basket. In that moment I knew this was not going to go well. The shopping cart rolled down the hill until it came to a stop. The cart stopped, but a car; a white Jaguar tail light was busted. This car had just pulled into the parking lot and the woman emerged from the car. She was at least 6’1 and she was on the phone. She and the other women quickly got into an argument, and the conservation escalated. The woman from the Jaguar grabbed the other woman and started beating her in the head. Other people from the parking lot began to flood around them and two men pulled the women off of each other. Someone called the police and when they

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