Vulnerability Of A Child Essay

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Resilience definition having the ability to adapt and recover after being exposed to risk. Vulnerable definition unable to adapt or protect oneself from risk. Children that are resilient have the ability to problem solve, seek help from those around them and form relationships with others. Vulnerability in child can occur due to many factors malnutrition, preterm birth and possible drug exposure. Difficult children have a harder time adapting to life situations, parents may not know how to respond to these children and may not bond as well with a difficult child. These children may be at risk of having lower stress response hormones which then makes them more vulnerable. A resilient child on the other hand is able to buffer themselves …show more content…
There is also the possibility the child may be afraid of the parent which can manifest into social difficulties. Child abuse or neglect may be a contributing factor children with special needs are more likely to suffer from maltreatment than those without. Resilience is gained by the acts of others there is no time line and it is not something that happens to children there has to be a core person that helps facilitate this in a child. Grotberg designed a framework that builds a resilient child 1. I HAVE, 2. I AM, and 3. I CAN these three facts also work with Piaget’s first three stages. Breslin also has 4 characteristics that appear in resilient children 1. Heightened sensory awareness, 2. High, positive expectations, 3. A clear on going awareness of their strength and abilities, 4. A sense of humor. A study was completed on children that showed they were vulnerable as young children but with the appropriate supportive adult they became resilient later in life. The most significant information obtained was children that had one trusting relationship later sought out that same type of relationship with

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