Voting, Millennial Vs. Geezer Essay

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Voting; Millennial vs. Geezer
Canada’s voter turn-out is decreasing every year with now only 60% of Canadians voting in the federal election. Most of the non-voters consist of youth, where the majority of the votes come from seniors. Political observers have argued that mainstream politicians ignore youth concerns because they know youth are less likely to vote than seniors. This statement is true and has a negative effect on Canadian youth and Canada as a whole. The negative effects lead to the consequences of the youth feeling unimportant, youth not putting the effort to get educated about politics, and to the lowering turn out of Canadians voters.
The first consequence to politicians’ plat forming seniors is the youth feeling unimportant. Politicians are doing very little for the youth because their history of low voter turnout, which they actually caused. Politicians are only interested in fixing the small problems of seniors, instead of fixing the bigger problems such as the teacher’s union resulting a teacher strike, leaving hundreds of students and teachers out of schools across Ontario. This problem not only affects the youth still trying to finish school, but middle-aged teachers who are about to lose their job. Politicians still only care about the pension plan and waiting list for hip replacement. Youth does not pay taxes, they are not in need of a pension plan and are not concerned about mortgage rates, but still these are the only items promoted in the…

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