Voter Id Laws And The United States Essay

1456 Words Apr 14th, 2016 6 Pages
There is currently a great debate in our nation about the necessity of Voter ID laws and the impact they will have on our democracy. It is with clear distinction that the Voter ID laws recently passed in various states, noted by right wing support, are a clear infringement on the ideals of a collective and openly participatory democracy. Voter ID laws, which in their inception are supposedly to protect democratic thought, would be a noble effort if they were implemented without malicious intentions and voter fraud was actually a problem. These Voter ID laws, in fact, act to deter and discriminate against minorities and various groups. From 2000-2010 there were only 13 cases of voter fraud demonstrating that there is no reason to enact cumbersome laws. Not only do these laws present a solution to a non-issue, but it is also a direct violation of the Great Society legislation of President Lyndon Baines Johnson, and most acutely the 24th amendment. These voter ID laws should be revoked as it acts as a direct threat to the Constitution of the United States and the democratic principles of this nation. To begin with, Voter ID laws institute a process of unnecessary hardships and obstacles that act to deter voting in the populace. Certain people of this nation face long and intrepid interrogations from polling workers. These polling workers are volunteers and are often not very educated in the actual voting laws of the state. Further putting salt on the wound, certain states,…

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