Volunteerism: My Future Role In A Social Worker

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Volunteerism If I am in a voluntary position as a social worker, I must abide by the ethical code set forth by the National Association of Social Workers. The NASW ethical code makes no distinction between social worker activities performed on a volunteer basis and activities that are performed for pay. According to the National Association of Social Workers, it is expected that social workers will adhere to the standards and principles of the NASW ethical code whenever they are in a social worker role.
In my future role as a professional counselor and volunteer counselor, I plan to work mainly with children and adolescents. For this reason, I must adhere to the model code set forth by The National Catholic Risk Retention Group. According
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According to Burney (n.d.), in a counseling session, it is very important for counselors to maintain their objectivity and stop themselves from passing judgment. Often, this may be difficult because it is part of human nature to form opinions and pass judgment. Counselors should listen with compassion and empathy, overcoming the urge to pass judgment. In order to avoid compromising the counselor-client relationship, counselors must always keep their clients at a professional distance. Competent counselors know how to leave office issues at the office. Competent counselors know that they must maintain objectivity during their counseling …show more content…
Explicit integration “deals openly with religious and spiritual issues. Explicit integration draws on spiritual or religious resources, including prayer, sacred texts, and referrals to church” (Wolf and Stevens, 2001). According to Wolf and Stevens (2001), spirituality and religion “can provide support to individuals, couples, and families. For instance, a client may benefit from perceived support from God or a higher power, as well as from social support of his or her religious or spiritual

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