Voluntary Euthanasia Or Physician Assisted Suicide ( Pad ) Essay

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Voluntary euthanasia or physician assisted suicide (PAD) is a heated topic and caregivers may be faced with discussing this option with a terminal patient and their family members. Like doctors, nurses also take an oath “to do no harm” so this topic may be difficult to reconcile as an option ("Florence Nightingale Pledge"). Practicing nurses need to know that in Washington, Vermont and Oregon, patients can acquire lethal prescriptions from their provider, this has commonly been known as Death with Dignity. While in New Mexico, patients have a constitutional right to aid in dying however this decision remains in dispute (Barone "See Which States Allow Assisted Suicide"). I certainly feel lucky to live in Washington State because it is one of the few states that enable autonomy for those facing the end of their life. PAD is not considered euthanasia because that would mean that someone other than the terminally ill patient delivers the fatal dose.
People that are against this choice allege that only God can decide when or if a person should die and no one can intervene with that. Others say it is incredibly humane and compassionate to permit those dying and/or in pain voluntarily end their life ("Asia Pacific Economics Blog"). It is my assertion that patients should continue to have the right to end their own life when faced with a terminal illness. Despite the controversy surrounding this topic, I don’t believe that anyone has the right to decide what is best for someone…

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