Personal Narrative: My Addiction To Volleyball

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For three years, my addiction to volleyball became apparent. Playing in tournaments, leagues, and local scrimmages as much as possible, it was clearly an addiction. The adrenaline involved in tight matches, the split second decisions that decided whether you would win the next point or lose it. Those were things that kept me coming back for more.

One of the leagues I had been participating in for at least 3 years was the Adult Volleyball Co-ed League in McAllen. The last 2 years, team TCB (Taking Care of Business) failed to take home the championship. The odds were not in our favor. Our team consisted of players new to the sport just like myself. My taller friend, Marco had been playing for a year longer that myself. It also had a couple, which had been playing together a long time, and
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We earned the first point as Lorena set Raul and killed the ball on the left side right over Miguel. It was now Oscar’s turn to serve. He served 5 points in a row and on his 6th serve he served it into the net. A great start for us, especially since it was only to 15 points. The Galactics had a chance to gain momentum now that they had service. They scored a few more points and started to feel confident again. As we rotated around, Raul scored on every ball Lorena gave him. He was unstoppable. It was Marco’s turn to serve. He had a hard jump serve which scored at least 4 points with serves alone. That left us only a couple more points to win. As we got closer to scoring 15 points, you could tell that The Galactics were giving up already. Everything they tried wouldn’t work. They were hitting the ball out of bounds into the net and they started arguing amongst each other as we started to score more points. We finally had won against the best team in the McAllen league. The Galactics were so mad that we had won and they left the gym without saying anything to us. Our team was so happy that we had won that we went to

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