Vnukovo Airport Case Study

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Vnukovo International Airport (VKO) is one of the three major airports serving Moscow. It is located in the homonymous district of Moscow, 30 kilometers to the southwest of the city center of Moscow.

Arriving and Departing in VKO

Public Transit from VKO

As in the case with the other two airports of Moscow, Vnukovo Internation Airport has a high-speed connection by Aeroexpress train, which runs without stops from the airport to Kiyevsky Railway Station of Moscow and back. Thanks to that, travel time is significantly reduced – a trip from Vnukovo to the Moscow city center takes just 35 minutes.

Aeroexpress starts its work exactly at 6.00 A.M. At this time, the first trains depart from both Kiyevsky Railway Station and from the airport. The
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To get the access passengers should send an SMS from their mobile devices to a special short number.

Health Care
Airport clinic is located on the second level of Terminal A, but passengers can always count on health care kiosk located on the first level of Terminal A.

Game room
On the second floor of Terminal A, there is a children's waiting room with soft carpeted floors, toys, sofas and a TV. The game room works 24 hours a day.

Airport Car Parking
On the forecourt of Vnukovo Airport, there are two multi-storey car parking lots for 350 cars each, as well as the area adjacent to car parks, which can accommodate 200 cars more.

Other Parking Options
For additional parking, there are parking lots #3 and #4 on the airport forecourt, which can accommodate over 400 cars. Parking time is not limited. Parking lots are located inside the overpass ring near the Borovsky highway.
Secure long-term parking is located 1 kilometer away from Vnukovo Airport terminals. Free airport shuttles operate between the parking and flight

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