Visual And Arts Programs For Students Essay

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Visual and Preforming Arts are essential for learning in the 21st century. The adoption of the CCSS provides an avenue for teachers to integrate art into the standards. At the center of the CCSESA is eight guiding principles. All of the principals are interrelated and promote student success. Core principals are: Enriched and affirming learning environments, Empowering pedagogy, Challenging and relevant curriculum, High quality instructional resources, Valid and comprehensive assessment, High quality professional preparation and support, Powerful family and community engagement, Advocacy-oriented administrative and leadership systems.

The Common Core State Standards were developed to help prepare students for college and careers after high school. Taylor (2014) states that at the time CCSS only included ELA and Mathematics. These subject were prepared first as they extend to all subject areas. The arts can be integrated within one another and other subjects. Learning the arts requires multiple core curriculums, for example when creating arts, the art content standards require that students read and research past and present artist. This integrates writing, talking about and reflecting on observations and experiences about art and the world around them.
The benefits of integrating the arts and common core is they promote active engagement that motivates students in all subjects. Integration also provides an enriched environment that is open to creativity and innovation,…

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