Arts Integration In The Classroom

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Through the readings in Mindes and Cornett texts, resources thematic assignments, discussion with my colleagues and specially the lecture notes. I have achieve a lot of knowledge about the importance of the arts integration in the classroom. The fieldwork in my host classroom and my host teacher has also gave me a lot of experience and practical knowledge about how the arts look in action. I have learned a lot about the social studies and the arts integration in the curriculum. Furthermore during this course I was able to observe and analyzed my host classroom for effective teaching and learning practices. And I believe the field experience has help me identify factors that can impact children’s learning. Also during this lesson I learned about …show more content…
For example, I learned that when used effective social studies with the arts activities, the students can learn to express themselves. This was crucial for me to learn, because the significance the meaning of this insight would definitely play an important role in my future work with working with children in the primary grades. Moreover when the children learn to express themselves, they are able to build self-esteem, which eventually guide them to be confident and learn. I Furthermore Cornett (2015) stated that, when students have plenty of opportunities to explore learning materials, through hands-on activities, they eventually will be able to retain more information. Before taking this course, I believe and I defended the importance of hands-on activities. However after taking this course, I am now a strong believer of hands-on activities with the arts …show more content…
After experiencing how the arts encourage and motivate students to be themselves, I will definitely integrate the arts in my classroom. Because I want my future students to feel that they can be themselves when creating and learning. After completing this course and doing my field experience I am no longer nervous about my art abilities. Therefore I will facilitate lesson plans that includes the arts activities.

During my field experience I was also able to draw conclusions about the way children learn social studies. Observing how my host teacher motivates his students with the arts integration to learn has also motivate me to learn more about the arts integration. After every observation and teacher interview I was able to evaluate my own perspective of the arts. During my field experience I also, examined how the classroom climate support the students common good. I analyzed how the teacher-student interactions can n promote social-emotional development. And I planned lesson plans for social studies, the arts and social emotional development. During this course I was also able to examined and evaluate a variety of resources that can make connections with the social studies themes. And this was so helpful, because I was able to learn from my own research as well as for my colleagues. Learning to identify

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