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Visiting Interesting Supermarket The market I visit is Middle Eastern market. The name of this market is Salam’s Market. It located on 616 S. Forest Ave, Tempe, Arizona. Islamic Community Center is next to this small market. In other side, there is Phoenicia Café, which is Middle Eastern café. The reason of visiting this market is I liked how this store used blue and white tiles to decorate the exterior of the store, and I never had a chance to shopping in middle-eastern market. It is interesting to visiting the different culture’s supermarket because it shows their culture by looking around the supermarket.
The first thing I noticed is the smell of spices. This market has various types of spices that are placed on the shelf. Another thing
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It represent how they take time to make foods. Rice take at least 30 minutes to cook, spices and seasonings are difficult to use without knowing how to cook, and drink tea for relaxing themselves. Middle-Eastern people take times to make the good quality of foods rather than just warming up the premade foods with microwave. Another thing is Islamic people are not going out to eat foods because only thing they eat is halal foods.
Most of the middle-eastern market including Salam’s Market sells the halal food. Halal food is permitted foods according to Islamic law. Muslim people are only allow to eat this halal foods. Just eating non-halal food means disobeying teaching of Islam, so halal foods are very important to them. Also, anybody can eat this halal food, other than having this small green or black halal mark on the packages; it is almost the same as normal foods.
Overall, most of the Middle Eastern people is Muslim, they take more time to make food and eat than American, and they like to put same products in same spot. It was scary to walking into this small supermarket, but it was interesting to see the different foods and objects that I never seen in normal supermarket. However, talking with people in the store is making me feel uncomfortable. I like the place, but it is not a place that I want to go that

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