Shopping List Essay

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The shopping list I created for one week’s worth of meals consisted of two adults and two children age nine to eleven. As I created the shopping list which consisted of breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, according to the USDA, the cost of food was to be budgeted at $150.50 for thrifty plan and $197.90 for low cost plan. The prices for the items on my shopping list were from Stop and Shop. Though creating a healthy meal for the family is difficult, it involves planning and spending wise decisions in order to accommodate with the budget. Once the goal of the budget has been made, the difficult task comes when creating meals for a certain period of time. As stated before the budget for the USDA is quite low, especially for a family of four, ages nine to eleven. At this age, teenagers need adequate nutrition, they also tend to eat larger amount of foods, because they are …show more content…
However, there are other ways for people to live within the thrifty low cost guidelines. Many individuals can reheat the food if there is any or eat a lot of salads and sandwiches since it is inexpensive. Also cup noodles are very cheap, however, it is unhealthy due to the large amount of sodium it contains. I believe healthy meals tend to get expensive, but if a family wants to stay in a budget that means they have to buy frozen foods and a lot of canned soups which sometimes does not have the proper nutrients a body needs therefore it is not considered a healthy diet. Another way to stay within the budget is to use the same foods, but for different lunches. For example, potato soup or pot roast can be used as different dishes and side dishes. There are a variety of foods that can create a balanced nutrition. Many stores offer coupons, and membership cards which offer many discounts, so this is a way families can benefit on huge

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