Visiting A Interesting Supermarket Market Essay

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Visiting Interesting Supermarket The market I visit is Middle Eastern market. The name of this market is Salam’s Market. It located on 616 S. Forest Ave, Tempe, Arizona. Islamic Community Center is next to this small market. In other side, there is Phoenicia Café, which is Middle Eastern café. The reason of visiting this market is I liked how this store used blue and white tiles to decorate the exterior of the store, and I never had a chance to shopping in middle-eastern market. It is interesting to visiting the different culture’s supermarket because it shows their culture by looking around the supermarket.
The first thing I noticed is the smell of spices. This market has various types of spices that are placed on the shelf. Another thing I noticed was everything squished into this small place. This market is half super market and half café. The café is taking up most of the space in the store, and I think that would be a reason of this small market is squished into this small space. This market had only few frozen product, and it was chickens, bread naans, and thin flat dough for making spring rolls. Freezer is mostly used as the café’s refrigerator and not as the market’s freezer to keep the products. There was no music going on, but employee is talking so loudly in the store. Maybe having a space for communication is more important than space for sale products to people.
This market had whole corner of rice, spices, and tea bags. Rice, spices, and tea bags are…

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