Virtual Leader Really Made You Think About How You Must Handle Behavioral, Leadership, And Interpersonal Issues

1169 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
Virtual leader really made you think about how you must handle behavioral, leadership, and interpersonal issues in the workplace. Other members at your work will have certain viewpoints and attitudes when at work. I found that you have to adjust your attitude and leadership skills in many different scenarios. These findings were understood by me through the three different scenarios in virtual leader. The first one was about you, a new employee introducing yourself to a current employee Oli. The second scenario was about Oli and a new character Rosa and you being able to claim your authority as the new manager for the call center. The last and third scenario is about Rosa, Oli and two new supervisors and how there is strong conflict between the two supervisors on who to side with to get the agenda going in the right way.
The first scenario was interesting in a behavioral and leadership aspect. In a behavioral aspect I felt anxious trying to get my two points across to Oli. You kind of feel bad to ask for help with your computer and getting it all set up even though you needed them done. Oli mentions about needing to get emails out for another employee but one of your goals is to persuade in a respectful manner without undermining him as an employee to disregard the emails. There were many distractions within this scenario to persuade him because in a new work environment it’s important to get along with your peers. Whenever I got Oli to switch the subject from emails he…

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