Virtual Leadership Scenarios

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Virtual leader really made you think about how you must handle behavioral, leadership, and interpersonal issues in the workplace. Other members at your work will have certain viewpoints and attitudes when at work. I found that you have to adjust your attitude and leadership skills in many different scenarios. These findings were understood by me through the three different scenarios in virtual leader. The first one was about you, a new employee introducing yourself to a current employee Oli. The second scenario was about Oli and a new character Rosa and you being able to claim your authority as the new manager for the call center. The last and third scenario is about Rosa, Oli and two new supervisors and how there is strong conflict between …show more content…
Sometimes the best leaders are the ones that sit back and listen to the employees. Obviously you have to make sure the alignment of the meeting is covering your expectations and that you have to make sure your attitude and behaviors towards each employee fits to their needs to have an effective meeting but other than that you can let the other employees really have a say on the agenda. At first I thought this virtual leader was going to be a lot of me telling the employees what to do and how to get them to do what I wanted. Well in all seriousness that seems more like a dictatorship. I am almost positive that is not how a workplace should be held and that is the reason that you have to be conscious among employees. As well another aspect I found that generally motivated me to really do well in the virtual leader was my interpersonal experiences I had in my own life amongst previous employers. Reflecting on previous employments and how I dealt with those scenarios allowed me to grasp what type of situation I was dealing with in each scenario. On a behavioral viewpoint is was interesting to see how my behavior changed when different roles and people came into play. My behavior at first was very anxious and worried I wouldn’t fit in to making sure everyone was at an almost neutral level of tension when having so many people in the meeting. My takeaways in virtual leader have changed drastically with my skills in behavior, leadership, interpersonal. These three attributes reflected on how to work in the workplace

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