Violent Media Influence

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The Influence of Violent Media
The relationship between violent media and aggressive developments in children and teens is one of the most studied research questions. There is evidence and data to support both sides of the argument. Studies focusing on the effects of video games, movies and television, and music are some of the most popular (Hatch). However, not all researchers and psychologists are convinced that an issue is even present (Park). Despite the controversy, many lawmakers and government officials have tried to pass policies to restrict violent media (Hatch). A debate on the issue does not stop violent media from affecting the future generations of the world; however, there is time and steps to take in order to lessen its impact.
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First, the purpose of movies is typically to entertain, and violent movies have affected the viewer ever since they were created. As the viewer becomes less sensitive and less entertained by certain violent material, they move onto scarier and more graphic material. Parents and guardians may not be allowing their children to watch it, yet there are ways to get around restrictions that are set (Beresin). The consequences are faced afterwards when children and teens have trouble sleeping or eating due to the material they had watched. Additionally, like video games, the presence of violence is typical, and when the main characters and heroes fight, the viewer feels like they could do the same (MacDonald). This reinforces the idea that violence can be used to solve any problem the viewer comes across. This is specifically detrimental for young children. As most children learn, they imitate and repeat what they see, hear, and watch. If the main lesson they are learning from movies and TV is that violence is the best answer to conflict, there is a strong chance they will continue thinking this way as they grow older (Harris). Lastly, the ideas and morals that are taught on TV and in movies can be distorted; however, a young or impressionable child or teen does not always recognize that. The National School Safety Center has concluded that violent films contribute to the violence …show more content…
Certain types of music, including what is popular today for teenagers, often portrays murder and aggression as justifiable. Threats and ultimatums are given for insignificant and superficial reasons which is bad enough, and they are just words. When the violence and negative themes are put into action, more serious problems are created. However small the issue that started the fight, violence is almost always the end result and is said to be warranted even when other methods of conflict resolution would be better. Second, violent and graphic music often conveys that power, money, and fame are the most important things in life (Jackson). Learning and developing habits surrounding that idea, especially at such a crucial time of development, often leads to bigger issues as the child or teen grows older. If that child or teen’s main goal is to pursue the fame and fortune violent music makes out to be the ultimate goal and are already convinced that violence is the answer to their problems, a step towards crime or other drastic measures is not improbable. The empowerment and strength music can provide has proved to be positive and negative depending on the listener and other contributing factors. Finally, music that touches on topics such as racism, sexism, homophobia, suicide, and overall anger can easily influence the vulnerable and impressionable (Bender 151) (Bender 153). Threats and explicit

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