Violent Crimes: The Victims Of Domestic Violence

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A home is supposed to be a secure place, where one can feel safe and loved. Can you imagine feeling endangered within your own home? Even worse, can you imagine a loved one in your home placing this fear within you and abusing you? Domestic violence is more common that we can comprehend. It is described as a violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. The statistics are alarming, the causes and consequences are startling, the suggest solutions sound easier than they really are; however, God can help anyone through this difficult time in their lives.
Domestic violence is not just hitting, or fighting or an occasional mean argument; it is a chronic abuse of power. The abuser
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This means that the people that grow up to be abusers is usually because they once have witnessed it, or experienced it for themselves. Whether it was violent behavior from their family members, people in their community or even other cultural influences as they grew up.
A number of studies have identified individuals who are more at risk for domestic violence. As we have already discussed the most common feature is an imbalance of power and control. Victims of domestic violence can be of any age, ethnicity, income level, or level of education. It is important to understand that anyone can be a victim of domestic violence but it is important to note that most can overcome it.
Women and children are the most readily preyed upon victims of domestic violence. It is easy for a man with low self-esteem to bring a woman and his kids beneath him. In most situations, it is because they are not as physically strong as the typical womanizer portrays to be. Women that go through these situations have become so emotionally and mentally damaged that they have lost faith in their selves and the strength they need to leave. Unfortunately, they tend to continue the pattern even if they do
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The victim will have a long road to overcome and will need moral support to stay strong and realize that this abuse was not his or her fault. If there are children involved, they too will need counseling so that they do not repeat this behavior in their adult life. Children that witness domestic violence often present symptoms that most people do not recognize. Lastly, the perpetrator needs counseling to deal with his or her demons. There is usually and underlying source to the angry and abusive behavior. Unfortunately, counseling only works when people want to be

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