Addiction: The Role Of Video Games In Our Society

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Video game addiction

Video games are turning people into zombies! Video games have lasted in our society for a long period of time.Video game adiction has a major im Video games have been around for awhile now, and over the years they have only becoming more and more addictive. Video game addiction is not only a major problem in our our country ,but in the whole world because there are many factors which includes major video game companies making the content of video games so addictive on purpose, thus achieving their goal on the video game retention and sales. There are also other factors that affect the gamer mentally and sometimes physically. Video game companies all have a common goal and that goal is to attract more people into playing and purchasing their games.There have been many different game consoles, but in today 's age there are two major competitors:and that is Xbox and Playstation . These two giants are what most gamers in the world are playing. The two competitors both have a variety of games that they release and
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There can be a large amount of fatigue from playing too long,the body will feel very tired and not as energized(Signs and Symptoms of Video Game Addiction). Another major strain on the body is that there will be a lot of headaches and eye strain. This is because gamers will be playing for so long and concentrating too hard. A major side effect that can happen is carpal tunnel syndrome which is when your hand will start to twitch and shake(Signs and Symptoms of Video Game Addiction). A lot of the gamers will also have poor hygiene and that is because the gamers usually don 't want to leave the satisfying game that is being played and lose all of their progress. The effects of video game addiction do not stop at physical damage, there is also mental damage that comes along with such

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