Video Games : The Great Escape Into A New World Essay examples

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Video Games the Great Escape Into A New World

Video Games, an utter waste of time, leading promoter of violence, and causer of

a higher crime rate. These statements are made from an ill informed media as well as a media

with no experience into this truly beautiful form of art but also a journey to a new world. These

statements are both false and also wrong in the sense that not all video games promote violence.

In our time now people have not only made a living creating these works of art but also enjoying

playing them. Whether it 's the game creators such as Naoki Yoshida (creator, developer/ gamer) ,

or the gamers themselves like Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach). So please indulge me and

allow me to reciprocate on to you a world to which you may have never seen.

You awake on a cart heading toward a city hidden in a large and majestic forest

known as the shroud. An elderly man sees your awake and starts up a conversation with you

because the two twins next to you aren 't really the “talkative” type. The man points out your grab

and ask if you 're one of them “adventurers”. After you reply he asks why. This is your choice,

maybe you in it for fame, maybe riches, maybe just glory, it’s your story thus it’s your choice. As

you conversation continues, an arrow is shot at your cart from a distance,

nearly hitting the elderly man. And you look to the sides of your cart to see elven pikeman

heading toward the direction to which the arrow came…

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