Video Games Have Affected The Psychological Mind Of Young Children

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Video games have affected the psychological mind of young children and even adults in many different ways with a new variety of games can change the way children think,learn,act and even feel.Gaming has changed a lot over the years and now more than ever.are more common now that those who play games are way more efficient in academic studies then some who do not play video games but it’s not all good.When some video games can influence children in a very negative way especially, games involving mass amounts of violence,killing,drug usage and sexual exploit.Some see videogames have a way to distract us from negative vibes that can really be a bother at times.These bothers start from such things such,traumatic events that have happened in our lives which causes depression some.Doctors find video games as a safe way to get patients mind out of a negative place and into a safer and more positiveVideo games affect children to make them become less violent towards each other because games like Tom Clancy 's “The Division” are based on real scenarios that can happen to us in our world.A deadly virus can come about and wipe out the entire human population but not unless we come together and stop it from happening.Games like “The Divison are supposed to make children less violent and allow them to come together and help one another out in a dire situation not harm each other another thing could be that.Most games are violent which are true but not everyone can be influenced…

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