Video Games Effect On Our Mental Health Essay

1212 Words Mar 5th, 2015 5 Pages
Video games do affect people, but not so much in the negative ways that many would have you believe. Video games can serve means ranging from a mere form of entertainment, to a tool to help train people for various careers, or even something such as helping dyslexic kids read better. Contrary to what some of the experts might believe, video games actually can have a positive effect on your mental health, as opposed to some of the negative side effects such as “pathological gaming” or video game addiction, which they say has been spreading among young folk since the rise in the form of entertainment has been popularized. A study used, “Three-thousand elementary kids… researched the amount of the weekly amount of gameplay, impulsiveness, social incompetence, depression, social phobia, anxiety and depression… Children and teens who played more video games and who had the lower social competence and greater impulsiveness were at higher risk of becoming pathological gamers.”(Berk, Honey. “Video Games Can Cause…”) This quote suggests that the kids were a little socially awkward, perhaps from problems at home or other mental disorders and it also mentioned that they might use video games as a coping method. However, what is the point in blaming another malady, video game addiction, instead of looking at the causes of the ailments to begin with. I’m not trying to discredit video game addiction, so much as to suggest that maybe we should look deeper into other problems to…

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