Video Games Cause Muscle Pain Essay

1321 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
The first video game premiered in October of 1958 and revolutionized they way kids and adults spend their free time. Since the first product hit the market, the world has been convinced that they are inimical to one’s health. Some say that video games cause muscle pain and early onset arthritis, while others are sure that they are responsible for mass shootings and other violent crimes. However, recent developments have proved this to be untrue. Despite what most people say, video games reap the benefits of good mental health as well as physical health. In a study that was conducted and documented by Pediatrics International, their research states, “Excessive television-game playing led to increased levels of muscle stiffness, especially in the shoulders.” While this may be partially true, video games actually do have many health benefits that most people with bias overlook. In The Week, a critically acclaimed news magazine, author Danny Gallagher explains that these computer simulations improve fine motor skills. Some doctors have even recommended that preschoolers play computer games when they have trouble learning their fine motor skills. Furthermore, video games reduces physical pain. Psychologists at the University of Washington made a computer game that assists patients in recovery from prodigus pain. It provided a distraction from their injuries. The game, entitled ‘Snow World’ was used in military hospitals for soldiers recovering from battle wounds. The…

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