Video Games And Violent Games Essay

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In 2014 there was a popular game named “Flappy Birds” this was created by “Dong Ngugen”. This game entails 50,000 per day however this game was taken down due to addiction. Dong Nguyen said “I can’t take it anymore my life is not as comfortable as before and I am loosing my sleep over this game”. Not only did this affect him but others also due to addiction so many serious incidents occurred. Resulting from this game a 17 years old boy stabbed his brother 17 times in the chest because he had a higher score. Therefore, action had to be taken place.

In comparison to people who don’t play video games, the people that play violent games show a diminish reaction to violence. According to BBC news in 2006, A study was conducted by the team of university of Missouri in Colombia about the responses of violent games. In this study they showed a pictures of real life violence to those who play violent games, the outcome to this study was very interesting as the participants showed a diminish reaction. Additionally, they also showed some other disturbing pictures such as dead animals however the participants showed a more natural response.

Other review articles have proven that the common issue when playing video games is aggressive behavior. Regardless on weather the adolescents or adults play digital games, the change in behavior is due to playing games constantly. As a result of playing games long term it can lead to children or adults getting restless and irritated. However,…

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