Video Games And Its Impact On The Video Game Industry Essay

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In the documentary Gaming in Color, director Philip Jones calls attention to the marginalized, LGBT gamer community as well as issues of gender representation in the video game industry. The film is composed of several individual interviews that touch upon the same broad topic of LGBT gamers. The propositions advanced in the documentary offer temporary relief to marginalized gamers, but in order to ensure that gamers are not persecuted based on sexual orientation or gender, a new empathetic perspective has to be adopted by gamers as well as by video game designers.
The film begins by explaining what a game is and the effects games can have on players. The documentary discusses the idea of escapism, which is the idea that players indulge in video games to "escape reality," and the negative connotation that the word "gamer" has acquired over the past decades. The documentary debunks the common misconceptions that video games make players anti-social, violent, and unproductive. George Skleres, a video game engineer at Riot games, asserts that video games have taught him multi-tasking and analytical skills that he has been able to develop and reinforce through video games. The negative connotation that is placed on the words "gamer" has led many video game players to not identify as a gamers and has encouraged people to discount the study of video games.
One of the core arguments the documentary advances is that there is a problem with diversity in video games. The…

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