Essay on Video Games And Its Effects On Female Players

1445 Words Aug 19th, 2015 6 Pages
As video games become more widespread, many complaints have been placed on the level of violence and sex present in these games. What is less spoken about is the level of sexism in video games, both in and out of the game. Research indicates that sexism in these games is a prevalent issue that needs to be addressed as video gaming becomes more popular, especially the effect this has amongst females. Thus, sexist video games are a harmful influence on female players, resulting in lower self-esteem and withdrawal from active participation to discouragement from playing. This is evident through the degrading sexist depictions of female characters, sexual harassment from male players during online gaming, and the controversies and sexism in the gaming community.
In many video games, female characters are depicted in a sexist manner that is often degrading and destructive. Summers and Miller (2014) mention these sexist depictions can be split into two categories: benevolent sexism, traditional sexism that incites protective urges; and hostile sexism, exploiting women as sexual objects. Both types of sexism are present in video gaming. Benevolent sexism can include the ‘damsel in distress’ such as Mario rescuing his girlfriend Pauline from her captor in 1981 Donkey Kong (Stermer & Burkley, 2015). Hostile sexism can be portrayed in the form of highly sexualised female characters such as Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series depicted with large breasts and impractical, revealing…

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