Video Games : A Video Game Essay

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Back in September we got told about our I.B. project and were given some example ideas. None of them seemed appealing to me, and I thought about what to do, I had so many ideas of what to do and found the one that best suited me which was to create a video game and have people play it around the world. I knew video games from the back of my mind so to create my very own video game and have people play it would be outstanding. Although it did have a flaw, I had no experience in making video games. I had a general idea of what to do but not enough to get me far. I did my research and began my creation on a video game. The goal of my project was to create a video game and have people internationally play my game and get results back, I went through a couple of ideas on what type of game to make, a FPS, a MOBA, a horror game, or a 2-D platformer. At first I went with the horror game but after making it for a while realized I wouldn 't get my game done by the deadline. I went with a 2-D platformer because based on my research people most generally like a game that is simple, yet fun and who doesn 't like a platformer? The specifications that I had in mind for my project were:
To create a game that made people to keep playing it over and over.
Get results for my game so that I can either remove some things from the game or add some things to the game based on the reviews I will get.
Publish my game to either the App Store or a website to play games and hopefully have the game…

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