Video Games : A Pinky Sized Problem Essay

815 Words Sep 17th, 2016 4 Pages
A Pinky-Sized Problem While playing video games on my computer I noticed a growing pain in my ring finger and pinky. I didn’t think much of it. Perhaps this sensation growing in my right hand was just a product of using my computer mouse for too long. The pain will go away when I wake up tomorrow, I thought. It didn’t go away. It was worse that morning; I began to panic a little. What if this is a serious issue that requires surgery, I thought. I don’t have health insurance so it might be costly to see a doctor for this. What do I tell my parents? Will I be able to do my college work? I sat in my bed that morning wondering how this pain would affect me and how I could adapt to this new obstacle. I started thinking about how important healthy hands are for everyday life, school, work, and having fun. My ring finger and pinky of my right hand were in pain and difficult to move. I couldn’t hold a controller, or use the computer, or hold my phone with that hand. No writing things down or typing an essay. There’s no way I could work at my job as a cook like this. I could barely do chores. I felt useless. I have an essay to write, lots of math homework to write, chores to do, games that I want to play. My dad wanted to play tennis. I couldn’t go. My best friend got a new game we could play together. There was no choice but to decline. It seemed like no matter what I wanted to do I had to use my right hand in some way. I began to think a lot about my hands. What would we do…

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