Video Game Problem Description

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General Problem Description
A game is to be created using an engine and specified platform. The main purpose is to expand into the game development market in order to attract clients. Using specific technologies and skills design or program an addictive game. The primary issue to elucidate is to fabricate a compelling video-game using individual knowledge.

A video-game is a computerized game requiring human interaction through a user-interface in order to generate visual feedback. The defined task is to create a game for a target audience and specified platform. The game will have an abundance of the following elements - showcase a range of skills, interest, fun, visual attractiveness and is stimulating for the target audience.
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When your friend beats your score it honestly becomes compelling to try again and again. This trait defines addictiveness. Moreover, I wanted to produce something fun that didn’t have to be of a high quality similar to all those ‘pointless games’ that people still download on the mobile platform. It didn’t matter how I was doing it, I made something ‘crazy …show more content…
I would also alter how fast the levels changed. Because that is what people have suggested after they gave my game a trial.

Video-game genres are used to organize video-games based on their gameplay interaction rather than visual or narrative differences. The genre of my video game is classic arcade. This type of game genre is a fast-paced action game (for PC or console), requiring hand-eye coordination skill to play. The reason I have made it this way is because teenagers like to play a game that looks good so I have made my game with looks in mind. In addition, considering dubstep is the modern music of 2015 I have chosen that as the background music. Overall, the main reason teenagers love arcade style games is because they are imaginative and competitive.

Review Comments
 Highly satisfied with resulting product because it is funny.
 This game will not be used for financial gain, so copyright infringements are invalid.
 Will credit authors for materials used in this project.
 In this case, a lot of the task had been completed early.
 Loving the game along with the selected

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