Reasons For The Banning Of Call Of Spaceship

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A long time ago, in a not so very far world, there were two aliens, and they were named Josh and Logan and, they weren't happy when the government banned their favorite video game Call of Spaceships. Why, was it banned you may ask, well one week in the military office underground, they were playing when a modder started killing them over and over again so, the ruler Banned, Call of Spaceships.So,that's how Josh and Logan weren't happy when they her’s that Call of Spaceships was banned.So now, were back to when Josh and Logan were super upset about their game getting banned.So, after they heard that their game was getting banned, they looked outside to see what the noise was outside, then they saw people(aliens)blowing up cars,busses,buildings, …show more content…
So, when they came back up and the guy that planted the bomb somehow survived and Josh and Logan were surprised and asked how he survived and he said “I was in some sort of accident and I can never die, that's why all these people are on a rampage with explosives”.Then, Logan and Josh looked at each other and they started to laugh because they realized that they couldn't die either so they went to the underground government agency and talked to the ruler and well,that didn’t end well for Josh and Logan they were kicked out of the land because they went to the underground agency and had a big fight with the ruler and,then one day Josh and Logan came back when everything was back to normal,besides what could go wrong right, well Josh snuck a copy of Call of Spaceships and the government came to there apartment and Logan and Josh were just in amazement that the government found them playing Call of Spaceships after they were just playing against them too.So,Josh asked the government why they were playing the game and they said they just wanted there to be,no more modders on their servers.So they wouldn’t die anymore.Then, Josh and Logan got mad at them for banning the best game in the world and then Josh pushed the ruler in the face and he had a big fight with the whole government and went to jail for twenty years.Then when Josh got out of jail, he started to play Call of Spaceships with Logan and they got banned from the land and if they came back they would die.So Josh and Logan never came back,but then, Josh and Logan started their own government and Had a huge war with the people that didn’t like the government on their land and joined Josh and Logan’s army and Josh and Logan won the war and the government that lost had to go to 8-uuy the land Josh atnd Logan found.Then,when the ruler and the government came to their land Josh and

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