Video Game And The Amazing Mirror Essay

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Playing Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is an action filled, adventurous, exciting, brain-busting game that challenges your imagination. Whether you’re eighty, eighteen or eight years old, you’re guaranteed a fun time while playing this video game. You’re probably thinking why is she writing a review about a kid’s video game? Isn’t she an adult? Trust me, you won’t regret playing this game, it’s okay to let loose and let your inner child show! Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is a video game created by Nintendo, you’re taken into different adventures that has puzzle solving and amazing graphics all bundled up! Kirby was first introduced into the world in April 1992, when Kirby’s Dream Land, the first game of the Kirby series, was released on Gameboy in Japan and the United States months later. The person who created the fluffy little pink guy is named Masahiro Sakurai, just in case you wanted to write him a thank you letter for creating such an iconic game. Kirby’s debut was and still is one of Nintendo’s most popular game series, with dozens of different video games released throughout the years. The game takes place in an alternative universe called Mirror World that exists in the skies of Dream Land. A wish that is reflected in the mirrors in Mirror World will come true, but one day Mega Knight grants an evil wish thus turning Mirror Land into a world of evil. To save Mirror World, Kirby must enter through the mirrors that leads him into different realms where he must defeat his…

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