Video Game Addiction Impacts Adult 's Lives Essay

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For the Love of the game; how video game addiction impacts adult’s lives

Femi B. Ayinde
Dr. Richey
Amberton University
October, 2014 Personal Journey

I have loved video games since I was a child. I can remember playing video games 8-10 hours straight on a daily basis. My mother use to yell at me for playing video games all day and forced me to take a break just so I could eat. It was something about good video games that captured your attention and lead you to keep playing. The farther I got on the games, the more I had to find out what the next level or mission had in store. It was an addiction; I loved the way I felt after conquering a game. I felt a sense of pride, a feeling that I can only describe as being on top of the world. I haven’t felt that feeling in a while, that adrenaline rush that welcomes the next video game challenge. As an adult married with two kids, I rarely find time to play video games. Every day when I get off from work, I look forward to sitting in my underwear playing a video game as if I was a child again. I have yet to accomplish this due to the busy demands of life.
Over the years video games have changed drastically. They have gone from 2D arcade games such as “Pong” to 3D graphic video games that look realistic and create a deeper immersion in the narrative. With the release of new video game systems like the PS4 and X-Box one, adults are now playing video games at an all-time high. When you think of video…

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