The Effects Of Video Game Use In Children

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There is a strong correlation between increasing incidence of ADHD symptoms and videogame usage among youth. The introduction of telegraph in the nineteen century mark the golden era of communication and social development (Chan & Rabinowitz, 2006). Further advancement in technology led to the creation of telephone, videogames, radio, and television. In recent years, videogames have become one of the main leisure activities among children and adolescents (Bioulac, Arfi, & Bouvard, 2008). Research have found that 10% of children between the age of 10 and 18 years old spends one hour or more playing videogames per day. 90% of children spends one hour or more playing videogames at the age of nine years old while 75% of children spends one hour …show more content…
Childrens, espically boys, with ASD or ADHD demostrate greater problematic video game use when comparing with Typical development children. ADHD children are known to have difficulties in organising themselves, being compliant and exhibited more problems associated with videogame playing compare to other (Bioulac, Arfi, & Bouvard, 2008). One of thestudy was aim to examine video game use in boys with ASD compared with those with ADHD or TD and to examine how specific symptoms and game features relate to problematic video game use across groups (Bioulac, Arfi, & Bouvard, 2008). The participants involves in the study were parents of the boys (aged 8–18) with ASD (numbers = 56), ADHD (numbers = 44), or TD (numbers = 41). The study was in a form of questionnaires given to the parent of the child to assessed daily hours of video game use, in room videogame access, video game genres, ASD symptoms, and ADHD symptoms (Bioulac, Arfi, & Bouvard, 2008). The result obtain reveal that, boys with ASD spent more time playing video game than TD boys (2.1 hours vs 1.2 hours). The result also shows that ASD and ADHD boys have greater in room video game access and greater problematic video game use compare with TD. Also the preferences for role-playing games among ASD and ADHD boys contribute to the problematic game use (Bioulac, Arfi, & Bouvard, 2008). The study had concluded that ASD and ADHD boys spends much more time playing video game than boys with TD and are at greater risk for problemtatic video game use than boys with TD (Bioulac, Arfi, & Bouvard, 2008). limitation of the study are reliance of parent report to the questionnaires as to whether it was accurate or not. Another limitation involve the small sample size that limite the ability to detect importance groups differences in relation

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