Essay on Victims Of Victims And The Federal Level

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Victims’ Rights
Victims’ rights are have been established on the state and federal level. They are generally inclusive of providing victims with specific information inclusive of protection and their role in the justice process. Each government agency (Federal, Military, tribal or state) possess their own laws, and a victims rights are dependent on the jurisdiction of where the crime was committed, and where it will be investigated and prosecuted. Along with the right of a speedy trial, victims have the several rights.
Right to Be Treated with Dignity, Respect, and Sensitivity Victims are entitled to be treated fairly and with care by the responding law enforcement agencies, and the subsequent government entities throughout the justice process. Victims are allowed to contribute in the sentencing portion of the trial, in the form of a victim impact statement. This statement can be inclusive of a description on how the crime impacted the person’s life. The impact can occur in many forms- financial, physical, emotional or psychological, anything that has resulted from the occurrence of the crime.
Right to Be Informed Victims are entitled to be informed. They should be provided with the information they need to exercise their rights in the criminal justice process, as well as what resource are available to them in this process. While procedure can vary among states, in general a victim can expect to be received notification concerning the following:
 appeals
 bail…

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