Veterans Having Trouble Finding Jobs After the Military Essay

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Unit 6 Project
Veterans Having Trouble Finding Jobs After the Military
Mark Everhart
Kaplan University
Professor Sandra Fontana

Veterans who have served this country by going to war are quickly realizing that America is not appreciating the sacrifices made for our service members. Veterans are being passed over for employment for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), lack of job skills for performing civilian jobs, and the inability to cope with the transition from military to civilian life. The unemployment rate for veterans is 6.9 percent (Norman, 2012). The government and the employers need to work together to make the transition out of the military a smoother process. The
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Some veterans leave the military with a degree and still cannot manage to find a job. Even though the military offers the G.I. Bill, veterans are having issues when it comes to processing claims and knowing what funds are still available (Shane, 2013). Most veterans do not even know how to write a resume. Being able to write a resume is vital in today’s economy. When veterans do job interviews; they tend to act as if they bring the military with them. Many veterans find that changing their current mind set away from the military can be difficult, especially when interviewing with potential employers (Mielach, 2012). The military instills a sense discipline that many civilians have a difficult time relating to. The military has a specific way that its leaders are expected to carry themselves, and it is hard to break habits that are instilled in you day after day. Many veterans treat their children as if they are in the military. They are trying to instill discipline in their children by using what they have been taught over the years. It can be even more challenging for military service members that are children of a military upbringing to adjust. Employers are scared to hire veterans due to the fear of PTSD issues in the work place (Briggs, 2012). Many of the veterans that have served in Iraq or Afghanistan have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. The definition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is as follows: “Post-traumatic

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