Essay on Verbal Communication And Interpersonal Communication

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something funny makes them laugh. Facial expressions and gestures will be used to communicate a message that it was humorous. Studies can prove that nonverbal communication have a higher percentage of use than verbal. A researcher implied that, “Verbal communication relies on spoken or written words to share information with others. The process involves a series of meetings of organizational members that represent different views on issues of mutual interest” (Stegaroiu, I., & Talal, M. 2014). Verbal communication is a way to inform, teach, and build relationships. A type of verbal communication is interpersonal communication. In an organization Interpersonal communication is a face to face dialogue between two or more individuals with a formal or personal approach. In an organization, it is very important that managers exercise interpersonal communication during meetings, orientations, and other different occasions. Interpersonal communication gives managers the opportunity to engage with subordinates which will essentially show a measure of care and concern about the employees and business. Oral communication is also an element of verbal communication. According to Brink, K. E., & Costigan (2015), “Linguistic communication is the use of voice, speech, or words. Both oral and written forms of communication are considered linguistic. We define “oral communication” as linguistic communication that exchanges information vocally or aurally”. Oral communication can be a…

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