Verbal And Poor Communication Techniques By Sales Person Essay

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Evaluate the exchange. The exchange presented in this study demonstrated unprofessional and poor communication techniques by sales person, Ben. He had a meeting Laura, the owner of a successful high end interior design business. To better understand Ben’s poor communication techniques it is important to start from the beginning. It did not appear that ben did a good job preparing for his meeting which was especially evident in the conversation when he insults Laura business because of is ignorance of its high end status, his informal address of her.
He also did not seem to have education on how Laura was as a businesswomen, or how to read her body language and communication signals. It is important for people like ben to have the ability to not only understand their potential customer’s verbal but physical communication skills. Castleberry & Tanner (2011) state that words are only responsible for 40% of communication, voice is 10%, and nonverbal is 50%. While nonverbal communication is important and in the scenario was obvious it is important to note that sometimes it is not reflective of the individual’s attitude. It is important for people like Ben to make sure that they have a healthy understanding of what signals they are looking for (Thompson, 2011). While, trivial in comparison to his communication mistakes, he also did not seem organized as he fumbled for a notebook and pen. Had Laura been more receptive to talking to him, he would have lost some of her confidence…

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