What Is Slang In Business Communication

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Communication in the business environment plays an effective role in shaping the day to day operation of the company, although it should pave the way for the smooth operation and transition of ideas there are many hurdle and barrier that must be overcome to achieve overall success. Some of the barriers to effective communication are Clichés, Jargon, Slang, Sexist and racist language, Euphemisms, and Doublespeak.
Clichés are words and phrases that have been used so often that they’re no longer very interesting or effective. They appear to be plainspoken but in many ways, they manipulate the truth when using in verbal or non-verbal communication. The cliché a level playing field is often used to describe fair and transparency within many business
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Using slang in the business communication can distract and annoy your audience including the level of confidence in your presentation. The slang you guys are commonly used when addressing a group of individuals during lectures presentation and professional conservation as an expression. The slang sometimes trends to weaken your presentation making you appear as non-serious and unprofessional to your reader. The slang recently is yup during a conversation with a foreign client, when the conservation finish I felt offensive and unprofessional using it because it was taking away the issue we were dealing …show more content…
Euphemisms decrease transparency in the business environment. The word indisposed is use when stating someone is busy or engage. For example, Mr. James is indisposed of in a meeting now. The word indisposed, means sick, ill, or nauseated and this highlights how compromising using it can become. The euphemism I used recently Boss referring to my immediate supervisor which causes confusion at the time. I am frequently asked, “who is the boss” or is the Commissioner of Police having to clarify using the word. There is a time I felt awkward answering or giving and explanation using this

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