Verbal And Non Verbal Communications Essay

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Verbal and non-verbal communications are the connections between two or more people with the exchange of thoughts, messages or information. There are three forms of communication that require skills on both the sender’s and receiver’s part.
Regarding the three forms of communication, the first is interpersonal communication. According to Sarah Trenholm, interpersonal communication is “generally reserved for two-person, face-to-face interaction and has several unique characteristics; such as, direct, personal, immediate, spontaneous, and informal” (Trenholm, 2014, pages 132-133). During interpersonal communication, there is a message sender, the encoder, and message receiver, the decoder. To have successful interpersonal communication, both the sender and receiver need to understand the message. Pertaining to interpersonal communication, my overall skills have improved over the years. I have always been extremely shy and communicating with strangers was, and still is, quite difficult. As Marshall Prisbell states, “Shy individuals believe others view them negatively. These negative evaluations that shy individuals hold may result in communication avoidance” (Prisbell, 1988). Even though shyness is a hindrance, it is important that I have learned to communicate better and understand what the sender intends to say. As the psychological theory suggests, communication is the act of the encoder sending a message and the decoder interpreting the message as either positive or…

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